What is Microsoft Dynamics SL?

Microsoft Dynamics™ SL is a business management solution that enables project driven mid-sized organizations to automate and streamline processes, helping you meet your customers’ requirements. Microsoft Dynamics SL For growing companies with customer-focused projects that is multi-layered and process-intensive. Microsoft Dynamics SL is a full-featured business and project management accounting software solution that delivers the functionality needed to manage complex projects in an affordable package.

Solomon - the former name of the company which made the original version of this ERP software also called Solomon. Solomon was acquired by Microsoft in May 2001 and later renamed the product to Dynamics SL.

How can Microsoft Dynamics SL add value to Your Business?

Whether your company is a professional service provider, a construction company, a specialty contractor, or a project-driven organization, Microsoft Dynamics SL can made a significant positive impact on your business. Microsoft Dynamics SL can help foster innovation and growth in your company. Its intuitive tools empower employees, managers, customers, and vendors, increasing their effectiveness by enabling them to view and process data based on role-based views and permissions.

With Microsoft Dynamics SL, you can take advantage of comprehensive business management capabilities previously available only to larger organizations without a hassle of going through an extensive learning curve - it works with the Microsoft products that your employees already know and use, including Office Outlook, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Microsoft Office Excel. With its modular design, you can license the functionality your company needs today, and then expand your solution, add components, and extend capabilities as your business needs change and grow.

For businesses that appreciate flexibility and value, Microsoft Dynamics SL will serve as a trusted and innovative companion for years to come.

Here's where we fit in.

Attollo Consulting Inc. is a Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Provider. We can help you plan, design and implement the solution that will meet your specific business requirements. Our team of experts will become a valuable extension to your operations that will  help your organization maximize the value derived from the use of the ERP by optimization of processes and reducing or eliminating non-value-adding administrative tasks.


We help take you step by step through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics SL. With us you can begin using Microsoft Dynamics SL fast and without hassle.

  • Business analysis
    We will conduct a thorough business analysis and provide quintessential information on how to make use of the abundance of features Microsoft Dynamics SL has to offer. We will also perform a fit-gap analysis to give you a number of ways of achieving the required result: customization, additional third-party modules, or offering an alternative workaround - are just a few of the options that we can always add to the out-of-the-box application.
  • Legacy Data Migration
    We realize the value of historical information and use a variety of techniques to assist you in transferring data from your legacy applications or older versions of Dynamics SL to your new solution.
  • Integration with other systems.
    We'll help you integrate Dynamics SL with other systems like Points of Sales, e-Commerce, CRM systems, and Project Management solutions.
  • Internet Business portals.
    We'll assist you in setting up Microsoft Sharepoint-based business portals and secured access to the system for your remote users.
  • Network set up
    Network infrastructure and security is one of our strongest competencies. We can help you with network infrastructure design and implementation utilizing best industry practices. We can also design a fully cloud-based solution allowing you to easily access applications critical to your business from anywhere in the world and reduce the information system administration costs.
  • Users need training?
    Proper change management is a vital part of any transition and we realize the importance of training in this process. We will make sure your employees are comfortable with the the solution and realize the maximum of its potential. Our team will help you in preparation of the custom desktop training manuals, process documentation and role-based training sessions.


Screen and functionality customization.

Even though Microsoft Dynamics SL is built to meet most of the industries standard requirements and most of the business processes can be automated, we all know that each business is always unique. You do not have to change your customs and vision to adopt to the new application: the software can be easily customized to meet your requirements and expectations. Dynamics SL customization manager allows users with no technical background make screen customizations such as fields size and tab order, add and modify labels, suppress controls not being used, etc. The way Dynamics SL is designed allows having different screen views for different users and groups. Customization can be done on one user level, tested and then propagated to other users or groups or deleted not affecting system performance.

How is Microsoft Dynamics SL reports customization valuable to your business?

For internal reports development in Dynamics SL you may choose between traditional Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting services. Dynamics SL has more than a hundred built-in Crystal Reports which can be customized. SQL Reporting Services allow building reports accessible through the Internet browser. You can easily provide your management with current financial and operational information accessible from your Internet or Intranet site. You can also link the Dynamics SL data with the data from other systems in your business environment. For companies utilizing Windows SharePoint technology, SQL Reporting Services provide a great opportunity to publish financial information on the management dashboards.


Having a system that is not up-to-date with the rest of the software used in the company is a great risk. As you know, Microsoft policy is to only support last two versions of the software. That means next time your system crashes, your mission critical financial data may be lost. Many companies are trying to postpone the update for as long as possible due to a bad upgrade experience in the past. Your next system upgrade doesn't have to be painful. Attollo Consulting will bring its best professionals to guarantee no interruption to your business flow. We may assist you in performing a test upgrade will minimize the risks of the delays, especially in highly customized environments. We highly recommend our customers do not underestimate the importance of the test run.


At Attollo Consulting we value our clients, their businesses and their satisfaction with the software and our services is the best reward for us. We want you feel secure and protected from frustration arising from unforeseen software issues and guarantee prompt response to support requests of our clients.